Farewell from Kim

Farewell from Kim

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying… The only thing that never changes is that everything is always changing. Such is the case at HeavyGrace. From our beginning nearly seven years ago until now, God continues to move us through new and challenging facets of the vision he holds in his heart for this ministry. Early on, before we even had clients, our office furniture consisted of two borrowed chairs and a windowsill that substituted for a coffee table. Today, there is an office filled with furniture and memories of the nearly 2000 people to whom we’ve extended sound, biblical counseling care. I hope you are able to see and therefore rejoice with us at God’s faithful commitment to the work of HeavyGrace.

And so, as I share with you my decision to resign as Executive Director and lead counselor, I implore you to remember God’s clear presence in the work we’ve done up to this point. And I plead with you to continue to support HeavyGrace through prayer and financial giving in the coming months and years as Cherriel Ward, our new director, follows God into this next exciting phase of ministry development.

In keeping with our original ministry vision, the push is now on to find the right location for HeavyGrace to call home. Cherriel’s heart to care for ministry leaders and missionaries has prompted her to assume my position by faith, trusting God to reveal each step as it needs to be taken. We believe HeavyGrace has always belonged to God, and therefore it’s his responsibility to provide whatever it takes for HeavyGrace to become what he has in mind. It would seem that a larger brick-and-mortar site with potential to expand, would be helpful in order to offer the care and services that we long to provide. We envision an old house on some land, complete with operable kitchen, rooms for offices, a library, a fire pit, bedrooms for overnight guests, and of course a big front porch.

For the moment, all counseling services are suspended until resources are in place to stand up a small contingent of staff counselors, at which time I may return to HeavyGrace. Until then, God has smiled and told me it’s okay to step away for while.

To be sure, some things about HeavyGrace will change. There will be a new web site, a new phone number, and a new ministry rhythm. But the mission of HeavyGrace to make the world a better place through Christ will stay the same. By God’s mercy, the life-giving news of Jesus for the world will continue to steer every decision, every attempt, every idea that flows from this ministry team and its Board of Directors.

Now that I think about it, the old saying may not be true after all; there actually are some things that never change… The faithfulness of God, the world’s great need for his gospel, and because it belongs to him, the heart of HeavyGrace.

It has been an honor to serve with each of you over the last few years. Thank you for everything.

With love and much gratitude,

Kim Sadler